Day 3: Adjustments

I slept 11 hours last night, getting up every two hours to chug Gatorade and go to the bathroom. It was hard crawling out of my warm tent to the chilly 6000-foot air, but it paid off in the morning. I was more lucid, my muscles had relaxed, and I was almost hungry. 


Day 2: Establishing Patterns

Paying attention to all the stimuli and things I need to do to survive in the wilderness is taxing, so rebuilding habits is key to being able to get through the day mentally.

Day 1: Transitions

Yesterday morning, Alissa and I were eating lamb hash with eggs Benedict in a mini cast iron skillet in a trendy brunch place in San Diego’s Little Italy. Tonight, I'm eating an almost-rehydrated meal from an empty Costco container of cashews. Yesterday, she and I were kayaking around Mission Bay, spying on a baby seal. Today, I went 20 miles without refilling water. Yesterday, I was part of a society where people knew me as a certain person with habits and opinions. Today, I am a stranger to everyone, perhaps even myself.